Why Facebook really wants you to use the new emojis.

Yesterday Facebook expanded the range of its omnipresent ‘like’-button yet again. Your online wealth of emotions is now no longer limited to like or unlike, now also sad, angry, wow and love belong to the possibilities. The new emojis should be going straight for you heart. Or is it your wallet they’re looking for?

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Abstinence, discipline’s little brother

Here in Belgium and Holland we currently have a reality show going on called “Temptation Island” where 4 couples have to pass the ultimate relation test. Nine days they are separated from their SO’s and have to resist ten hot singles of the opposite sex. Drama ensured since the couples are usually not the brightest minds, but it also opens perspectives. Besides entertainment the program also gives a different view on discipline. Giving in to the temptation can cost you your relationship but isolating yourself can take away the fun, and even challenge.

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Affiliate marketing: what are the costs and returns?

Almost all big e-commerce companies have an affiliate or partnership program. In an affiliate program advertisers give website owners the possibility to sell their product in exchange for a commission on each closed sale or lead.

What are the costs of an affiliate-program for the advertiser? What costs should you keep in mind if you manage an affiliate program? I tried to find one of the most complete summaries possible. To conclude we also answer the question what you should look for when searching an affiliate network.

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575 Points!


Today I’ll introduce you to online surveys. You can find them wherever you look, I used Choozz.be now. On this site you earn points for each survey you take, each point is worth €0,01. Every survey takes about 20 minutes of time and gets you 50-100 points. You can usually cash out ammounts of €5,00 in a variety of gift cards or as cash on your Paypal account. In my case I can now get some vouchers, but have to reach 1000 points before I can withdraw it through Paypal. Lees verder “575 Points!”