A small start: Musicxray.com

No hesitation, today we already start with our first way of gaining money online. Since my newly created Paypal account is still at $0.00 we must earn some money out of nothing. We’re not really in the mood of working yet, so first we look at “free” money. Now tell me how this sounds: “Earn $12.00 an hour by just listening to music.”

Well that’s exactly what Musicxray.com offers. New artists share their music to an audience and that audience gets $0.10 for each song they listen to. You have to listen for at least 30 seconds in order to get the reward and then you’re free to skip to the next! No more reviews needed, no more blabla. Of course if you like the song feel free to become ‘fan’ of the group and get notified about their events and concerts. You help out some beginning artists!

At the rate of 30 seconds per song, you can earn up to $12.00/hour, but of course that’s where the problem lies. When signing up you have to register your music taste and personal information, and they scan for music you may like. This means there isn’t always a song available to you. 48 Hours in my count is at one single song, meaning $0.10, and you need $20.00 before you can withdraw it.

So here’s where our blog starts. If you have experience with Musicxray.com, feel free to let us know! Any other tips or similar sites are welcome as well!


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