575 Points!


Today I’ll introduce you to online surveys. You can find them wherever you look, I used Choozz.be now. On this site you earn points for each survey you take, each point is worth €0,01. Every survey takes about 20 minutes of time and gets you 50-100 points. You can usually cash out ammounts of €5,00 in a variety of gift cards or as cash on your Paypal account. In my case I can now get some vouchers, but have to reach 1000 points before I can withdraw it through Paypal.

It may happen that the site isn’t looking for your profile anymore. l had a survey about airline traveling, but after the first three questions it was clear I never fly so my opinion would be useless. This can happen and mostly doesn’t reward you any points. On this particular site though, they also reward you with one entry for the Paypal price. Every three months they pick one user to win €1000, and those failed surveys still give you an entry.


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