The real deal

Today we get real: $500 for just following someone on Twitter, $100 for watching a Youtube video and giving it a thumbs up, up to $15000 for donating to charity and so on. The list of gold mines is endless. Now … really? Of course not.
If you follow my Twitter you already knew: today I’m talking about giveaways.


Giveaways are by far the most easy way to get rich. If you win, you can easily win over $100 or even $1000 for just giving an e-mail adress or a facebook like. Now the chances of winning are not that big to be honest, but it’s definitely worth a shot. If you don’t feel comfortable spreading your email all over the internet, make a new email adress and let all promotional spam and entry confirmations bulk there. Make sure to check it from time to time to see if you won something!

You don’t really have to wait until your favorite Youtube guy gives away a lot of money in order to enter a giveaway, if you join groups like Reddit’s r/giveaways you can enter hundred contests a day. Even if you don’t want a $500 Gucci dress, still enter. Prices that aren’t useful to you may be really valuable to someone else and can be sold at a high price!

Last but not least I would like to recommend you one particular contest. Besides links to a lot of contests where you can participate in, ContestChest has its own 2015 contest where you can win up to $15000. You have to donate at least 10% of the price to a charity of your choice (I would recommend “Kinderkankerfonds vzw“). Internet money can be a scumbag business as we’ll notice further on I’m sure, but sometimes you can be a good guy as well. Cheers!


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