While we patiently wait for our smartphones, computers and cash prizes to arrive we should maybe start doing something. Maybe something small, a little thing we can do in half an hour and maybe get $5 for it. Just a fancy gig I’m good at, nothing special. Now guess what, there’s a perfect site for these small things!


On you can list everything you want to do for $5. Record a line of text in a famous person’s voice, play a video game with someone, give some 5 minute relationship advice, review a website, … Everything is possible. You can also list extras like fast delivery or additional requests for another $5 or $10. If you ever have some moments where you think “I should get paid $5 for this”, write it down and make a new gig that evening! Make as many as you can think of and there will be one that becomes a success. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Some important sidenotes need to be made though. First things first: you don’t get $5 for it, it’s only 4. Fiverr keeps a little of it itself. Second and more importantly: $5 isn’t much. It’s cool for small things like recording five lines of text or playing one video game, but don’t try to join the I can do more for $5-trend. If you can do something at a professional level, be it translating, designing or whatever, don’t sell it for $5. For those things you should visit real freelance sites and get paid real money.

Now there’s one other way to make money out of Fiverr, but we’re not that far yet. Maybe in a few days/weeks depending on how the other projects go we’ll get back to this. And untill then, remember: don’t undersell yourself.


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