First money!

Yay! Today I (finally) reached 1000 points on my online survey site! This means I can withdraw my first €10 of hard earned money. Also this opens a whole lot of new possibilities. We can invest these 10 euros in a lot of ways and they can mean a huge boost to our money gaining experience.

First of all a quick recap on the survey site. I now have 1135 points after 31 surveys in approximately one week. Now not all of these 31 surveys awarded me points. An average completed survey got me 60 or 70 points and took about 20 minutes of my time, I got 16 of those. The other 15 were the ones where my profile wasn’t needed anymore. Those surveys got me 0 or 5 points and cost me five minutes of time.

In general survey sites are a safe way to get €10/week, but they will never be a sustained source of income. Also they don’t give you any relevant experience that wille improve your income on the long term. If you learn to invest in something, you play a lot of poker or you do some freelance writing, every task is a lesson that will help you in the future (hopefully). Online surveys don’t offer that. If you can start with €20 of your own, don’t start at online surveys, they don’t have anything to offer on the long term.

Now, what’s next? Honestly I don’t know yet. In order to make money out of my writing or logo design skills I’ll need a lot more practice. Some other possibilites: domain names, sell Fiverr services for a higher price, regular stock investment, … Any suggestions are welcome! How would you like to see me invest my €10? Let me know!


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