Why Facebook really wants you to use the new emojis.

Yesterday Facebook expanded the range of its omnipresent ‘like’-button yet again. Your online wealth of emotions is now no longer limited to like or unlike, now also sad, angry, wow and love belong to the possibilities. The new emojis should be going straight for you heart. Or is it your wallet they’re looking for?

Since not every Facebook-post is suited for a thumbs up, Zuckerberg & co. brought some new emojis to life a few weeks ago. That way Facebook wants to offer us the chance to express our online emotions a bit better. Besides liking or unliking you can now indicate if a certain picture or status of your friend brings you love, anger or amazement.

Whoever thinks that this expansion is just Zuckerberg’s way of standing against the emotional emptyness in our inner lives, is taking it a bit too innocent. The new emojis simply came as a new way of allowing more efficient advertising. The more possibilities we have to indicate what makes us sad, happy or angry, the better Facebook can tell what things interest us and – more importantly – what things can reach our mood. Thanks to this information Facebook can play with content that can reach our specific needs and feelings.

Besides that choosing between six emojis takes slightly more time than simply clicking like or not, making the total timespan someone spends on his Facebook-homepage rise as well. Another win for Facebook.


Source: deMorgen.be

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